Energy is a mystery
As best I recall, according to my high school physics teacher, energy can neither be created or destroyed. The total amount of energy in the universe remains the same. A constant factor. It can be changed into different forms, such as potential energy into kinetic or chemical into electrical. Parts about it still remain a mystery to me. But one thing is for sure, today you can save money with energy saving Sol-Up Windows!

All windows are not created equal
Energy saving windows from Sol-Up are windows with a difference! Firstly, they have Energy Star Certification. When you see that logo, you know that these windows have met criteria from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), for protecting the environment during the manufacturing process, and that they out-perform other similar products in conserving energy.

Products with the Energy Star have successfully passed energy consumption and energy performance measurements as evaluated by an independent third party. This is not an instance where self-regulating manufacturers get to make up success stories. This is a legitimate rating system.

Sol-Up windows are on the cutting edge of technology
Since the company’s inception, Sol-Up’s driving principle has always been technological leadership. Founder Frank Rieger launched the company in 2009 with a steadfast dedication to data, to making improvements based on using optimal equipment, and to an unfailing approach to lead the market in efficient energy production and conservation. When you work with Sol-Up Windows and Doors, you’re working with one of the best in the industry and saving money on your electric bills .

Energy vampires suck your wallet dry
The biggest air leak in the typical home is the massive hole cut under your floor for the drainage systems. Plumbers often make them much bigger than they need to be so it’s easier for them to reach around and install everything. After all, the evidence is going to be covered over with flooring. There’s an easy way to fix this in homes with crawl spaces. Just crawl under and mount foam boards tightly over the hole. Fill in remaining gaps with inexpensive spray foam.

Other energy vampires via air leaks are:

  • holes cut in attics for duct work and pipes
  • uncovered fans
  • doors
  • fireplace dampers
  • windows

In general, if it is open or can open, it’s an Achilles heel to losing energy.

Most homeowners should rethink the energy saving value of new windows
As homes age, they settle and shift. Vegas is notorious for unstable foundations because of things like caliche clay and the seemingly constant earth moving and grading done as prior to housing developments getting plotted.

Back in the day, there was a place on the south side of town off Russell Road where an old municipal dump was plowed under, fill dirt layered over it, a nicely flattened surface formed, and homes built upon it. Always a bad recipe.

Foundation settling around here is the main reason area builders prefer using pre-stressed concrete slabs in construction. Regardless, houses still settle, and when they do windows get “loose.” Air gaps open between the frames and walls. Sashes get too tight and bind up, or too loose and let air breeze in at will, especially during the winds of springtime.

Older windows lack the modern coatings that repress radiant heat the way newer technological windows do. And today’s insulating gasses used between the windowpanes are made of much sterner stuff than the air barriers of old. Nowadays we use exquisitely dense gasses like Argon and Krypton. Much better in resisting heat transference.

Contact Sol-Up Windows today to discover the best news in energy saving windows
Your Energy Saving Consultant is ready to answer every question and to share the good news about available tax breaks, money saving programs, and incentives. Reach out to Sol-Up Windows today at 702.357-9630 or click here Sol-Up Windows.

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