This article discusses the Energy Efficient Home Windows Tax Credits and provides information on how to take advantage of it. If you are in the market for new windows, call us today for a quote and take advantage of this tax credit.

Welcome to summer in Nevada! You’re already eyeballing the thermometer like it was an old-time wristwatch or your Facebook notification alert. You can’t help but constantly hope to see if it’s going to be cool enough overnight to open the windows or leave a door open when early morning comes. It won’t be long until you’ll be counting how many days in a row we hit triple digits.

Ah, yes, ‘tis the season for “heat anxiety”! Will we set new records this summer? Is the pavement too hot to walk the dog? Can’t remember; is today my day to water? Will Lake Mead completely dry up into a mud cracked salt flat?!

Energy Efficient Windows Save Big on A/C Bills 

And you’re still hating your windows!

Yep. Still the same old windows. Season after season good intentions slipped silently away. Winter gave way to spring and now it’s summer again, already! 

And here you are, standing in your living room, coffee cup in hand, glaring at the same old shot window seals. Hating life as you calculate how many dollars of cold air you’re wasting. Cringing every time the AC kicks on!

Yesterday when you were outside picking up windblown litter you could not help but notice how poorly your heat damaged window frames had held up. And darned if the windows weren’t pitted and the panes unevenly blotched! Literally looks like sun-damaged skin! Like old auto paint on its last leg!

Nevada’s harsh and hot climate eats window frames, panes, sealants, and casements alive! It drastically reduces how long windows remain viable. Face it. The time has come! Procrastination is over! You’re getting your weathered, worn, outdated windows replaced by Sol-Up Windows!

The good news is your pausing has paid off because over time you’ve learned that modern double paned windows are crafted better nowadays. They have exquisite barriers that use Argon or Krypton gasses. 

High Tech Window Advancements 

High Tech Commercial Windows Save Carbon footprint emissions.
High Tech Commercial Windows Save Carbon footprint emissions.

Advancements make windows slimmer, lighter, and yield better temperature exchanging capabilities than ever before.  Old style aluminum and cheap vinyl frames have given way to modern composites which are much better at handling exposure to the elements. 

And here’s the best news ever for Nevada.  When you do the replacement, you take advantage of the extended windows tax credit! You will save up to 22% on the purchase price and installation. 

The extended windows tax credit applies to both existing homes and to new home construction as long as the place serves as your principal residence. 

Second homes also qualify; however, it does not apply to rental properties.

Statutes and Regulations

The Renewable Energy Tax Abatement Program is authorized by NRS 701A.300-701A.450 and NAC 701A.500-701A.660.

This special government program started a few years back. The first year you would have saved 30%. The program had a built-in de-escalator where the tax credit allowed, by design, was to drop for the next year and then end. Accordingly, after that first year the credit dropped down to 26%. 

Potential applicants may request the application form from the Governor’s Office of Energy (GOE) by sending an email to 

If you have questions of law related to the abatement process, the GOE recommends that the applicants or potential applicants hire competent legal counsel to address such questions. GOE employees will not provide legal advice on issues related to your filed or planned application as doing so could violate NRS 7.285, as well as NRS Chapter 233B.

Now, we got lucky in 2022 because Congress extended the program, but they dropped the tax credit down again. This time to only 22%. You see, it’s been dropping every year.

Now, you know it’s an election year and things have been uncertain in Washington, D.C., for quite a while. It seems you never know what they will or won’t do next. The nice and fortunate thing to know today is that you will save 22%. It’s a fact; the tax credit program extended to help you out.

Join the hundreds of Nevadans who are saving money on heating and cooling with energy efficient homes– saving 22% on new window and door installations right now! 

When you contact Sol-Up windows, they will come out to your home at your convenience and give you a free assessment and estimate. They will show you samples and discuss options to meet both your physical and financial needs. And most importantly they will thoroughly and completely explain the tax credit situation and help you save money. 

“Sol-Up Windows is Nevada’s premier award-winning energy saving company. In business for decades, we maintain our lead on the cutting edge of solar technology. We specialize in energy efficient doors and windows. Additionally, we install complete solar systems and are adept at with automated timers and powerwalls. “

They are known and trusted throughout the state for repairs, maintenance, and cleaning of solar arrays and systems. Whether you’re involved in new construction, renovation, or repairs and maintenance, rely on the most trusted name in Nevada solar, Sol-Up.

Sol-Up Windows remains steadfastly committed to making the desert southwest the most energy efficient region of the United States. 

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