Like people, places age. Especially familiar places like our homes. And like people, it’s really nice when our homes age gracefully. Homes get to feel comfortable like old pairs of shoes. In the deepest dark of night, we can perfectly home in on every light switch in the place. We intuitively sense just how many steps it is across the kitchen and the exact height of the refrigerator door handle.

Replacing Windows is Easy With Sol Up  

During daylight hours every permanent blemish on the floor remains a familiar and comforting milepost. We like the comfortable nuances of the light fixtures, window coverings, and just how nicely the furniture stitches each room together with the others. The surrounding trees and plants have matured and now cast a cooling canopy of shade. 

Over the years we’ve had to make some minor repairs. For many of us those were mostly for the pool equipment. We’ve painted, replaced part of the roof because of wind damage, and are still bothered by the increasing black tire tracks building up on the driveway.

Graceful aging doesn’t just happen. It occurs by design. And as the years have ticked by, gratefully, design in the home industry has dramatically improved the quality of energy efficient replacement home windows in Las Vegas.

Yes, the time to replace and upgrade your home’s windows has come. The frames are weathered. Sealants have dried out. Caulk has shrunken down leaving gaps between the frames and stucco. On the rare occasions when Las Vegas goes under high humidity, you’re seeing condensation between the panes of glass. Every time you open the constantly rising utility bill you recognize that part of it is because your windows are leaking air. Every month the thought drives you nuts. 

Reliable and safe replacement window help is on the way 

You have been paying more attention to the advertising in various media for energy efficient replacement home windows. You’ve walked through the window section at a couple of the do-it-yourself home improvement stores, recoiling at the thought of such a bold and expensive undertaking. 

While you might purchase windows at Lowe’s or Home Depot you still have to get them installed. Bruising knuckles has never been a passion of yours. And nothing about that is changing this time. You did a little internet surfing and are now getting pissed at a couple window centers who are constantly badgering you with pop up ads every time you log on.

There’s an easier and better solution. Contact the professional consultants at Sol-Up Windows.

When you do, you will find out just how much more superior today’s windows are compared to what builders installed even a few years ago. Learn about Argon and Krypton gas buffers between the panes and which might be better. Get up to date information about glass coatings and window tinting. 

Ask about the value of exterior solar screens. Get a solid explanation about what all the labeling on windows means. Determine what type of window design actually works best for you. What is a single sash window as opposed to a double sash and is there a benefit? Why might a side sliding window be better, or is it? 

Sol-Up Windows will come to your home at your convenience and take all the guesswork out of the equation. You will get a solid assessment, including doors, if you would like. They’ll give you a complete overview of good and affordable options that are custom tailored to your specific wants. It will include styles, materials, fixtures, sealants, and installation. You’ll get a fixed quote, all in with no hidden charges. They offer financing and will know about current tax credits and programs, if any.

Professional Window Installation

Consider different window structures from the types of window treatments below to truly enhance and update your home:


Single hung windows: the bottom of the window slides upward to open it and let air flow. Some single hung windows open by sliding sideways.

Double hung windows: where both the upper and lower portions can be moved and slid to open either the top or bottom for airflow.

Awning windows: rarely seen in standard housing, these single paned windows tilt or pivot on a center axis to open.

Bay windows: protrude outwardly from walls.  They are typically 3-sided with two narrower panels on either side of a much larger front facing panel.

Bow windows: feature multiple panes or installations that create a large, curved section. You most often see them in country clubs, upscale housing, or ballroom settings.

Casement windows: are made with one large sheet of glass and hinge so they swing outwardly from the side or upwards to open.

Egress windows: are specialized installations usually required by building codes where it is important to ensure people can escape in case of fire or other danger. You’re probably most familiar with seeing them in basements. They often have walled boxes set down into the earth on the outside of the building so people can pull themselves up and out.

Garden windows: About 20 years ago these started to become a big fad for kitchens in the Rocky Mountain and southwest regions. They’re rectangular glass box-like windows that protrude outwardly from walls and feature slanted-top roofs.

Hopper windows: open from the top and tip downward. You’ll see some that are operated with cranks and others that are manually operated and feature stop chains to keep them from dropping all the way down. They do kind of look like a hopper chute one might see in a farm setting to drop grain or feed into.

Glass block windows: Architects in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s loved using these as both interior and exterior accent features. Built from translucent glass bricks, they are not widely used today.

Arched windows: feature curved top sections or half-moons if you will. You’ll see all types of them, from one piece to ones that feature lots of inlays and artistic stylizations. 

Jalousie windows: are like glass Venetian blinds. Lots of narrow horizontal slats that open and fold down on one another. 

Picture windows: are typically large flat rectangular windows, most often seen in living rooms. They do not open.

Round windows: circles of glass that typically do not open. Sometimes they are just “glass holes” and sometimes they have cross members that piece them together.

Transom Windows: are usually arranged in a row above another installed window or along the sides of doorways. They do not open and are mostly used as accents that let in light.

Custom windows: You know we must have a catch-all category for things that just don’t fit anywhere. You might put those bubble, submarine windows here or an odd-shaped triangle window. For sure those customized floor to ceiling designer windows, or are they doors, belong here.

Storm windows: are solid exterior windows that go over normal windows. They are designed to be protective. Usually used in the northeastern United States and Upper Midwest.

Do business with a company that stays

And here’s the best part. Sol-Up Windows is here to stay. The parent company, Sol-Up Solar, has been around since 1999 and is a mainstay in that affiliated industry. You won’t be taking chances with unknown, unproven companies. And of course, never take chances with unlicensed, unbonded, fly by night entrepreneurs passing through town. When a deal sounds too good to be true, you know the rest. Take enough time and use your money wisely to do it right the first time. You don’t want to have to pay for it a second time and wait longer.

Do business with a company that is safe

Sol-Up energy efficient Windows and Doors is licensed and bonded and so are our installers. We know every single aspect of assessing and installing windows and doors. We are vested and invested in our communities. 

Additionally, during these times of heightened health precautions we want you to know that we appreciate each individual customer’s concerns about their situation and particular needs. Talk to us candidly about the precautions you prefer. We will fully cooperate. Of course, we can do virtual meetings and we are so well systematized that we know how to minimize contact and possible exposure even during installation. 

Choose wisely. Choose Sol-Up. 

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